R o g e r  F a r n h a m                    p r i n t m a k i n g

After a chance encounter with a screen-printing demonstration in Newcastle-on-Tyne and seeing an exhibition (of photo-screenprints) in Glasgow’s Third Eye Centre (now the Centre for Contemporary Arts), I spotted an advert in the Glasgow Herald for an evening class in 1977: the Glasgow Print Studio had captured another soul.

I am indebted to Johnny Taylor, Dominic Synder, Robert Meek, Clive Sutton, Stuart Duffin and others for sharing their knowledge during evening and weekend workshops.

Most of the disciplines have been explored - in chronological order: screen-printing; lithography; etching; wood cuts; wood engraving.

All imagery is photographically derived.

In 1985 I joined one of the Print Studio’s sub-committees and became an active fundraiser through the organization of a number of the Loveliest Night of the Years. I became a full member of board a few years later, later acting as the Company Secretary.

Recently I’ve become interested in:

- gel lithography, one of the more esoteric photo-mechanical processes

- relief printing, mainly because laser technology (and Photoshop) allows me to transfer photographic imagery to wood. Hopefully this will allow some emulation of a printing process developed by Karel Klic after his photogravure successes.