In September 2004, Harry Magee and I made a presentation on photogravure to APIS 2004 in Dunfermline, later repeated to the Scottish Society for the History of Photography (SSHoP).  An associated journal paper published was the Royal Photographic Society’s PhotoHistorian in 2005.

In 2013 Harry and I produced a catalogue for the  b l u e p r i n t  programme of exhibitions and visits to archives in Glasgow which we curated in 2013.  This includes a number of articles including a joint one with Harry on Carbon printing and photogravure and one on my own on Gel lithography.

In 2015 we published KLIC: Life Art Invention, a translation of Karl Albert’s monograph on Klic (Klietsch) written in 1927 a year after Klic’s death.  Our book includes new research on Klic’s time in London and Lancashire.

In 2016 I presented some further research on Klic’s time in London in the 1880s to the Historical Group of the Royal Photographic Society. In 2017, the PhotoHistorian published the first installment of a two part article entitled The Rise of Photogravure in 1880s in the UK. These articles compare Klic’s process with the earlier Goupil process.

Various Blurb books (of images) exist, however, these are generally not activated for public purchase.

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