R o g e r  F a r n h a m                      T h e  B a c k  S h i f t

In 1987 I was one of five members of the Glasgow Print Studio who staged their first exhibition. As four of us were making our work after a normal day’s work, we were soon labelled ‘the backshift’ by the other artists working in the Studio.

This exhibition took place in GPS’s then Ingram Street premises. In 1988, the premises were condemned as unsafe, thus the exhibition poster, which had been designed by the ‘Backshift committee’, had unknowingly been the only image to pay homage to the building, and to the late night activities of the group. The redeveloped building is now an apartment block in the Merchant City


Photo-etching using Kodak Photo Resist (KPR) to etch three aquatinted tone separations on a steel plate

Rhode Island Blue